We participate Ambiente 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany

Ambiente is the world’s largest international trade fair open only to trade visitors
where every year over 4,700 exhibitors from more than 80 countries showcase an international range of consumer goods.
At the Ambiente fair 2015, Omoeraku introduce a new product in Japan Pavilion 11.0-D40.

ambiente japan pavilion omoeraku 1 ambiente japan pavilion omoeraku 2 ambiente japan pavilion omoeraku 3
Omoeraku by Miranda Style Co.

Brand name“Omoeraku” is a word from the oldest chronicles of Japan.
It means thinking, contemplating, and assisting imagination.

Omoeraku by Miranda Style Co. BRAND PHILOSOPHY
  • Omoeraku by Miranda Style Co.
  • Nikko Cedar -Omoeraku by Miranda Style Co.
  • Oya Stone -Omoeraku by Miranda Style Co.
  • Yattoko -Omoeraku by Miranda Style Co.
  • nomad -Omoeraku by Miranda Style Co.
  • herabuna -Omoeraku by Miranda Style Co.
Omoeraku by Miranda Style Co. LINEUP


Omoeraku by Miranda Style Co.

Miranda Style Co. is based in Tochigi, Japan.
We design and sell handcrafted tableware and kitchen tools that made in Japan.


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3-6-41 Mine Utsunomiya Tochigi 321-0942 Japan


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